Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My favourite books

Hey everyone,

Do you like books? I love them. I read so much and my bookshelf is like a library. I have hundreds of books! My Mum and Dad have hundreds too, they both love reading, and they taught me to read and to love books. They taught me to read before I even started school.

I have the entire series of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and they are so funny. I learned it's important to not just care about yourself. Greg has friends in the books, and his best friend is called Rowley and in the first book they break up. They broke up because Greg wasn't happy that Rowley's comic got chosen by the school newspaper. And then he was a bad friend to Rowley because Rowley got popular.  But at the end, he remembered that Rowley was his best friend and he stuck up for him at the end of the book and they were best friends again. (Even though Greg got the cheese touch!).

I learned that being popular isn't as important as being a good friend. I have all of the books in the series and have seen the first two movies. There is a new book (Book 7, which doesn't have a title yet) coming out in November. I can't WAIT!!!!  There is another movie coming out soon. It is called "Dog Days" (After the 4th book) and it comes out in AUGUST!!!!

The trailer is here.

Do you or your kids have favourite books? What was your favourite book when you were my age? What was your favourite movie? 

Talk to you again soon,



  1. I loved to read when I was your age too! And younger. Enid Blyton was one of my favourite authors and then I started reading books from the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series. They were mystery an d crime novels. I think it's great that you love reading Alexander.

  2. Yo Alex.. Don't tell your mum, but my favourites is the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series.

    I learn something everytime I re-read them. They are funny and if you like outer space, you'll love these books.

    - tork

  3. Hey Alexander! Great blog!
    I love reading too - and like you, I learnt to read before I started school. Except I did it wrong and learnt to read upside down!!
    I loved it when my Mum read chapter books to my siblings and I. We'd all sit around her with sandwiches to munch and chocolate milk to drink, and she'd read chapter after chapter aloud.
    I especially enjoyed the Narnia series, lots of Enid Blyton, Robin Klein, Colin Thiele and Readers Digests!!

  4. Hi Alexander,

    As a kid I loved books as well, in fact I spet may may hours in my school library. My favorite books were the Hardy Boys (and much later the TV series) and the Nancey Drew Books. My favorite books now are fantasy books, anything with Dragons, elves, faires, witches, ect ect. My 9 year old loves Selby books, and Diary of a whimpy kids books, my older Daughter loves anything that has Ballet in it. When my girls were little I used to read them Dr Seus every single night, they loved Pizza Pat best of all. Reading is fun, I hope one day to have a room in my house just filled with books and a big comfy chair to sit and read them all in. :)

  5. Hi Alexander - haven't stopped in for the past few days so catching up on your new posts!

    When I was your age I used to enjoy reading the "Babysitters Club" books. I used to read SO much, that I never really spent much time with my family... So Mum banned me from reading for a bit so that I would remember what's important!


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