Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lunar eclipse

(Alexander wrote these posts weeks ago. I've been unwell and we haven't gotten around to uploading his pics or videos yes. My apologies).


Brisbane Atronomical Society Photo

Two nights ago I saw an eclipse!
I got some photos of it! I didn't even remember that it was coming (we were so excited about the Transit of Venus just a couple of days later).

We took some photos but they really didn't turn out very well, so we got one from the Brisbane Astronomical Society - we are joining up at the beginning of July. I can't wait.

I sat on a beach towel and watched it with my parents. I don't really remember but they said that when I was really little, Mummy and I used to sit outside every night and look at the moon and she would point out planets and stars to me.

I've got a video of me talking about the Eclipse, and then Mummy telling me their surprise.
It's here!

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